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At the beginning of the series, Alex is a cheeky chappy high-school student who has a passion for economics and wealth . In particular, he is an advocate of supply-side economics . His heroes are Richard Nixon (going so far as to have a lunchbox with Nixon's likeness), William F. Buckley, Jr. , Ronald Reagan , and Milton Friedman . His favorite television show is Wall $treet Week and he is an avid reader of The Wall Street Journal . He also enjoys music of the big band and swing era but secretly enjoys rock music (as seen in the episode " A, My Name is Alex "). Alex spends the first two seasons of the series preparing to attend Princeton University . While he is attending an on-campus interview, Mallory, who tagged along to pay a surprise visit to her boyfriend, Jeff, who was attending Princeton, has a nervous breakdown when she finds Jeff is seeing another woman. Ultimately, Alex chooses to look after Mallory rather than complete his interview, thus destroying any possibility of attending Princeton and getting into the Ivy League.

Mass locations: Mass is celebrated in the OLQA auditorium. Enter through the door on St. John Place. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mass will be celebrated in the convent. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will take place in the convent on Thursday after the noon mass. The rosary is to be prayed in the Adoration Chapel of the Convent - not in the mass chapel. Please park in the school parking lot.

Alex B. Meets John P. - Enjoy Your DreamsAlex B. Meets John P. - Enjoy Your DreamsAlex B. Meets John P. - Enjoy Your DreamsAlex B. Meets John P. - Enjoy Your Dreams